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The Overturning of Roe V. Wade

The Supreme Court ruling on June 24th is a detrimental step back for women all over America. It is a reflection of the struggles women have been facing since the dawn of time, rather dawn of America. In light of these tough times numerous women will face in this Post-Roe America, HW4BW joins numerous organizations and causes to assist women in getting all the resources and information they need.

What is Roe V. Wade?

Roe V. Wade is a supreme court ruling from 1973 that stated abortion is a constitutional right, further making it a federally protected right. The ruling made abortion legal till up to 28 weeks, which in 1973 was decided as the point of fetal viability.

Why does the overturning matter?

Now that Roe V. Wade is overturned, numerous states triggered a series of laws banning abortion. These states include Texas where abortion is punishable by up to life in prison and Utah where abortion is punishable by up to 15 years in jail. Although places like California have set up their states as a safe haven for anyone in need of an abortion, many states have started to consider legislation that criminalizes traveling states to get an abortion.

How can you help?


The smallest of donations can make the biggest of differences. Good places to donate are Abortion Funds and Planned Parenthood.


Our voices speak the loudest and now is the time to break the silence. Organize your own protest or attend one in your community. Social media and the news are constantly publicizing the ones closest to you.


With enough signatures, petitions can become legislation and are the best way to represent the communities opinion. has numerous petitions related to pro-abortion legislation and would love another signature.


Getting eligibility in America is hard. However if you are eligible to vote, please do so in the elections coming up this November. Be on the look out for which candidate is speaking up and which of them are not. Although we can't travel back in time, we must move forward and elect the best people to hold office.

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